June 19, 2024

Bethesda Won’t Give Up On Redfall So People Can Still Enjoy It On Game Pass In 2033

Discover the untapped potential of Arkane Austin’s vampire game Redfall! Despite its initial reception, Bethesda is determined to transform this game into an unforgettable experience. Marketing executive Pete Hines assures fans that the company will continue to invest in its development, driven by the belief that Redfall will be cherished by players for years to come, especially on Xbox Game Pass.

“At Bethesda, we embrace the process of learning and evolving. We refuse to disappoint our players. We have faced challenges before, with launches like The Elder Scrolls Online and Fallout 76, but we persevered and turned them into success stories,” Hines revealed.

Hines further emphasized that Redfall is no exception. Although it didn’t have the ideal start, the game is still a thrilling experience, and Bethesda is committed to enhancing it. Expect improvements like 60fps and an overall enhanced gameplay experience,” Hines promised.

One of the key reasons why Bethesda is dedicated to Redfall’s success is its inclusion in Game Pass. By refining the game now, Bethesda aims to ensure that it remains a beloved title for years to come, as Game Pass continues to attract new players.

Reports suggest that some developers at Arkane Austin initially had reservations about Redfall’s concept, which led to a significant departure of talent from the studio. However, Arkane’s Lyon-based team, renowned for their critically acclaimed Dishonored series, remains committed to the game’s development.

In June, Redfall received a substantial 1.1 update, addressing numerous issues and implementing various improvements to enhance the overall gameplay experience.

Xbox boss Matt Booty recently acknowledged that the team had high expectations for Redfall’s launch. However, he believes that the team’s dedication to their vision may have caused them to overlook certain aspects. Booty emphasized the importance of striking a balance between focus and broader perspective.

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