April 18, 2024

FF7 Rebirth Exclusivity Window Will Only Last Three Months

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will retain its exclusivity to PlayStation 5 for a period of three months, although the release dates for other platforms remain uncertain.

According to IGN, a footnote in the game’s September State of Play trailer stated that it would not be available on other platforms until at least May 29, 2024. Since Rebirth is set to release on February 29, 2024, this means that Square Enix has granted Sony a three-month exclusivity deal. The potential launch dates for the PC and Xbox versions are currently a matter of speculation.

Final Fantasy VII Remake was initially released in April 2020, followed by the PS5 upgrade, Intergrade, in June 2021. The PC version was then released in December of the same year. However, the Remake has yet to make its way to Microsoft’s console. In a recent interview with IGN, Xbox boss Phil Spencer hinted that both Rebirth and Remake may see future releases on Xbox.

The trailer showcased during the September State of Play event revealed the release date for Rebirth and featured several significant scenes from the second chapter of the trilogy. Characters such as Cait Sith and Vincent Valentine made their debut appearances, along with locations like Kalm, Junon, and the Golden Saucer. Square Enix also announced that Rebirth will lead up to the Forgotten Capital, promising some unexpected surprises along the way.

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