June 19, 2024

Classic Tabards Now Award Reputation in Battle for Azeroth Dungeons


Experience the power of Classic tabards in the epic Battle for Azeroth dungeons! These iconic tabards now have the ability to award you with a whopping 300 reputation points for every boss you defeat.

Unleash the might of the Silvermoon City Tabard Silvermoon City Tabard, the valor of the Stormwind Tabard Stormwind Tabard, and the ferocity of the Orgrimmar Tabard Orgrimmar Tabardas you venture into the heart of Battle for Azeroth. These legendary tabards now bestow upon their wearers the incredible power of 300 reputation points for every boss they vanquish. This groundbreaking discovery was made by the intrepid Nicholas, who stumbled upon this hidden gem. Join the ranks of the elite and reap the rewards!

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