April 18, 2024

Starfield – Where To Find The Starborn Trader

The Starfield Starborn Trader is not your average vendor NPC. This mysterious captain has a stash of high-end goods that will blow your mind. Find out where to meet the Starborn Trader and what to expect. But beware, spoilers ahead!

Where to find the Starborn Trader in Starfield

The Starborn Trader only appears in New Game Plus. Check out our NG+ guide for more details.

We believe this NPC is exclusive to NG+ because they referred to our character as Starborn and claimed to be a multi-universal being.

Starborn Trader location

We encountered the Starborn Trader in Feynman I, located in the Feynman system. As soon as we entered orbit, the Mysterious Captain hailed our ship. After a brief conversation, they introduced themselves as “the Trader,” catering exclusively to Starborn individuals.

A rare encounter between two Starborn, isn’t it?

Starborn Trader items

We were amazed by the Mysterious Captain’s inventory. It included epic and legendary items, as well as unique materials. Even the rare weapons had special names. Here are a few examples:

  • Legendary heavy: Frenzy Calibrated Negotiator
  • Legendary particle beam rifle: Demoralizing Calibrated Va’ruun Inflictor
  • Rare rifle: Avatar
  • Rare rifle: The Last Breath
  • Unique material: Aldumite
  • Unique material: Vytinium

These are just a taste of what the Starborn Trader had to offer.

On a side note, we noticed that the legendary items disappeared from the inventory when we closed and reopened the shop. We tried fast traveling and waiting, but the items didn’t reappear. It could be a bug or a restocking issue.

Lastly, the Starborn Trader in Starfield is marked as essential. We couldn’t disable the ship’s engines or board it. The ship’s hull also repaired itself automatically.

Starfield is an expansive game with countless planets to explore. For more tips and tactics, check out our guides hub.

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