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The Best Puppy Food for your Puppy

Puppy hood is such a time of rapid growth, maturity, and development. This stage requires different levels of nutrition that other stages do. Because puppies have special nutritional needs, you should give your puppy the best puppy food only for his first year. Most trusted dog food manufacturers produce dog foods that are especially formulated for all types of puppies, even those of large breed, for whom the calcium, phosphorus, and protein levels may be very critical.

Feeding your puppy the best puppy food on his first few days

It is a good idea to feed your puppy with the same brand and type of the puppy food for his first few days. You should also feed him with the same feeding schedule as he had been fed before he came to you. Then, you can gradually start using the best puppy food you have chosen based on what the veterinarian and breeder has told you. You need to switch your puppy’s food to the new food gradually to prevent any intestinal upset. By ‘gradually’, it means over a period of 7 days to 10 days from feeding the previous food 100% to feeding the new food 100%. For instance, you can make a mixture with 25% of the new puppy food and 75% of old puppy food and use this mixture for several days. Afterwards, you can make it 50% for each again for several days, going to 75-25, then finally 100% of the new best puppy food you have chosen.

Type of best puppy food

Dog foods generally come in three forms: semi-moist or sealed packages, moist or canned, or dry kibble. Most veterinarians and breeders consider dry kibble food as the best puppy food. Breeders and veterinarians rarely recommend semi-moist or moist foods. Moist foods are usually higher in fat and contain around 80 to 85% of water, making it pretty expensive especially if you squeeze out the can. Semi-moist or sealed packages contain about 50 to 55% of water and are typically high in sugar or salt for preservation. On the other hand, dry kibble foods only have 9 to 12% of water and contain quality ingredients same as the other types of dog foods. They are easier to use, economical, and of course the best puppy food for your puppy!

Perhaps, the most important benefit of choosing dry dog foods as the best puppy food for your puppy is that the sharp action of eating these foods is ideal for the puppy’s developing teeth and gums. Puppies constantly eating softened foods are found to have more dental and gum problem ranging from plaque and tartar buildup, tooth loss, abscesses, and other gum diseases. Moreover, it is easier to store dry dog food, not to mention, it is less expensive than other types of puppy foods. It can also be served conveniently, it is more palatable, and has lesser odor.

With dog foods, you get what you pay for. This means that economy brands are a lot cheaper because they are also made of cheap ingredients. As such, the energy values they provide are lower. Premium brands, often considered as the best puppy food, use high-quality ingredients from different sources that are high in biological values. Because ingredients of higher quality mean better digestibility, you don’t need to feed your puppy as much; thus, your puppy produces less waste.

Keep in mind that not because the back of the puppy food you see in the supermarket has lots of flowery words on it, it already means it is the best puppy food for your puppy. It is still best to take to your veterinarian about it.

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