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Dog Breeding – Pregnancy Questions

As a breeder I often get inquired questions about dog breeding here are some cases.

“My dog continues licking her nipples, she never usually does this and she’s eating a lot more. Why is my dog doing these obsessions, is she pregnant?”

Behavior like this could mean she is pregnant. Has she been on heat lately or been with a UN neutered male?
As you have an unsprayed female you want to make a optimistic judgment as to whether you are going to breed or not. If you just stay she makes the choice for you and get pregnant.

So you either get her spayed and consider no more about it OR you study all about breeding dogs, get her tested for any inherited imperfections that her breed carry and if possible find some homes for the puppies earlier than they are born, or at least know where you are going to put up for sale. You also want to know if there is a store for your breed of dog (and also if people desire a crossbred as you clearly do not know who the father is.

Why dog vomiting yellow bile

“My dog owes today, and she has been vomiting yellow bile, and there has been yellow discharge, I just doubt this mean she is losing her pups or is this just regular for a pregnant bitch? Is my dog in labor?”

As a Registered breeder myself I hear from various people who do not know what they are doing when they are having puppies and except you can get an understanding breeder to see you dog, my recommendation to everyone is make contact with your nearest vet and talk to them on the phone. You will necessitate having them on standby anyway in instance something does go incorrect.

Her indications may not be anything to be concerned about as many bitches do vomit during labour on the other hand yellow bile shows she has been vomiting for a few time. The release could be the mucus plug, so the chances are that she is in labour now.
Do you know how to lift the puppies and care for the mother? If not PLEASE find out.

“How do you know if your dog is pregnant?”

It is very complicated for an untrained individual to tell if their bitch is pregnant until 5-7 weeks into the pregnancy. from time to time they will change personality and be quieter for the first week or two and some are a bit ill otherwise you require to wait in anticipation of you can see her nipples getting larger and redder and her stomach will get rounder. By about 6 weeks there will be an notch along the middle of her stomach starting from her vulva ups which gets more speaks as the pregnancy carry on. (This is the milk sacs rising).

If not a vet can palpate her abdomen at 28 days from the time she mated. Or she can have a scan or x ray after this time.

Before making dog house it,s important to know which dog breed or not if you make house for this purpose.Or you should know about every dog pregnancy stages like dog vomiting.

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