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puppy food

The Best Puppy Food for your Puppy

Puppy hood is such a time of rapid growth, maturity, and development. This stage requires different levels of nutrition that other stages do. Because puppies have special nutritional needs, you should give your puppy the best puppy food only for his first year. Most trusted dog food manufacturers produce dog foods that are especially formulated for all…

A Dog’s Decision

A Dog’s Decision

As I got up to leave Gill’s office I noticed the photo of a dog above her desk. For some reason, I was compelled to mention the photo. Gill acknowledged it was her “darling” and that she had recently had an operation for cancer. Gill had treasured her dog Jackie, who was now 13, ever…

london fashion week

London Modern technology Week: Hologram Mannequins, 3D published outfits as well as music-playing garments

Made by Mink Kong, Lucy Jung, Elena Dieckmann as well as Dan Garrett operating designer Mary Benson, the Bruise Suit is the best conference of minds in vogue, modern technology and also scientific research. Those looking much straighter at the apparel industry consist of the 3D published wearable things developed by Modeclix in addition to…